Tackling the engineering skills shortage

The UK’s skilled labour shortage in engineering and other technical trades is a growing concern…

CTS is proud to launch its new research paper on the UK’s engineering skills shortage. Titled ‘Tackling the engineering skills shortage’, the report examines the nation’s seemingly intractable problem with producing, procuring and sustaining a steady supply of engineering talent.

The UK’s skilled labour shortage in engineering and other technical trades is a growing concern for both businesses and the UK government. As a sector which contributes significantly to the nation’s economic output – as well employing millions – it is an issue which cannot be ignored. When factoring in the current political climate, it would not be an overstatement to suggest that the sector is now at a critical juncture. Something needs to be done.

A large part of the problem, however, is knowing where to direct our efforts and attention. With both the UK government and private sector searching for solutions, the risk of inconsistent strategy remains ever present. Now more than ever, a clear plan is needed which factors in all invested bodies. In this white paper report, CTS looks to do just that.

The first chapter examines current and future demand within the UK engineering sector by looking at how today’s skills will evolve over time with emerging technologies and changes to the global economy. In the second chapter of this report, attentions will turn towards the roles and responsibilities of both government and the UK’s private sector, and their capacity to tackle the problem.

Finally, this report discusses practical action. Having analysed the complexity of the skills gap, while also looking at the obligations of all invested bodies, CTS looks at how these problems can be met with realistic solutions in both the short and long term. This practical strategy is drafted with the aim of mitigating immediate pressures while also proposing how to bridge the gap over a longer period of time. It is structured so that all parties can work collaboratively to finally conquer this problem once and for all.